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Chongqing JianTao Aluminum Co,Ltd. is a collection of renewable aluminum alloy production, research and development, casting parts as one of the circular economy of large enterprises.

Our company has invested and built an annual production capacity of 300 thousand tons of modern production and scientific research base in Fuling. Base covers an area of 330 mu, building area of about 200 thousand square meters. The main use of scrap aluminum rich resources at home and abroad, the regeneration of metal recycling, automotive, motorcycle, general machinery, household appliances and other industries to provide Aluminum Alloy materials and aluminum castings, at the same time, Aluminum Alloy provides regeneration technology and research services for various industries.

My company location and convenient transportation, north of Chongqing Fuling expressway, south of Yangtze River, east of Chongqing Huaihua railway, can cover the whole country to the international export, to provide convenient and efficient service for customers.

Company personnel structure and knowledge structure, professional and technical strength, with all kinds of professional and technical personnel and management personnel. Chongqing aluminum alloy industry is a professional and technical strength, one of the most powerful enterprises, according to the needs of different industries and different products tailored to the customer, so as to meet customer demand.

I set up a sound quality assurance system, has passed the quality system certification and 3C certification. And access to the national economic and Trade Commission issued a license to license the production of motorcycles.

Our company has achieved AQSIQ registration certification, the use of renewable resources in the global production of aluminum.

Our company Chongqing nine Casting Co. Ltd. and Chongqing Xinqiao Huafu Aluminum Co. ltd.. Among them, the predecessor of the nine party Foundry Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Jialing Industrial Co., Ltd. die-casting factory, the production of aluminum castings accounted for more than 70% of the Jialing Group engine aluminum castings. New Hua Fu Aluminum Co. Ltd. of Chongqing city 100 key private enterprises and industrial enterprises in Shapingba District twenty.

We continue to improve, reduce costs, maximize customer satisfaction, to provide customers with quality products and services.



Chongqing JianTao Aluminum Co,Ltd

Chongqing Industrial Zone, Fuling

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